Clearing the Air

We understand there is recent confusion around the claims made by one of our customers around our laboratory testing.

We’re at the forefront of air and surface purification testing and technology – we tested with a third-party Certified Biosafety Laboratory on the best coronavirus surrogates available (Coronavirus 229E and Cystovirus Phi6) and found our patented technology leads to a 99.9% elimination of airborne coronavirus surrogates. We do not, however, eliminate COVID-19 at this time. Our coronavirus surrogate testing results are significant for the future of clean air. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the CDC for additional laboratory testing and support the CDC’s guidelines on hygiene habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


CleanAir EXP is an air and surface purification solution that cleans indoor air and surfaces of viruses, allergens, pathogens, odors, smoke, mold, ozone, and harmful chemicals. We deactivate and destroy the structure of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus surrogates, E.coli, norovirus, and more. Visit for more information about our company, commitment to safety, and lab reporting data.